An Interview with Oke Hauser, Creative Lead for MINI Living

The BMW-brand MINI are well-known for making small cars stylish, and now they’re looking to see how those design concepts translate to the housing marking and architecture with their MINI Living project which launched in 2016. The project has introduced a series of new developments and exhibitions addressing the issues of housing shortages and the lack of shared public spaces in cities.

Oke Hauser @MINI Living

Oke Hauser @MINI Living

Architect Oke Hauser is Creative Lead for MINI Living, which will be opening locations in Shanghai, Berlin and New York City in 2019. Each of these developments is designed to focus on social interaction, transforming old spaces and developing new ones to create affordable mixed-use, co-living spaces.

Hauser talks about not wanting to simply build small and clever spaces, but rather add a new layer to architecture that allows for a more flexible and personal use of the medium. It is their hope that the concepts conceived within MINI Living will reinvent the way we live inside of cities.


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