In many ways, the regulations surrounding investment have impeded the growth and development of many markets. However, recent legislation has made it possible for companies like rabble to operate as part investment bank, part crowd-funding platform, making it easier than ever for individuals to invest in projects and developments that they care about, and that could have a significant positive impact on communities.


rabblerabble's experiential concept store "the rabble lab" in the Lower East Side, Manhattan.

This type of ‘impactful investment’ is at the core of rabble’s philosophy, and CEO Umber Bawa is quick to point out the difference in how their investments are made. Funds generated by rabble are used for investments like property acquisition, rehabilitation and development, adaptive reuse, historic preservation of buildings, and new construction.

With a background in renewable energy, Bawa knows the struggles of funding ideas that are atypical and don’t always offer generous return on investment. However, it’s these projects, these ideas, that will change the worlds of architecture and affordable housing forever.

Read more about rabble’s success stories and Bawa’s goals to revolutionise the industry in the ARCHHIVE BOOKS latest publication, “What is affordable Housing?

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About the book: 176 pages, A4 portrait, softcover collection of interviews, design concepts, essays and case studies backed up with premium color high resolution images, on white, uncoated glossy paper.

Editor Collin Anderson

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