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ARCHHIVE is a print publication expanding on the ideas presented in Bee Breeders’ online architecture design competitions. Bee Breeders is a generator of new ideas, conceived by a worldwide think tank, for tackling challenging design issues. It often works with civic, industry, or government partners to initiate its competitions, some of which are conceptual while others are intended to be built.

Each issue of ARCHHIVE will bring together architects with startups, entrepreneurs, developers, and problem-solving organizations which tackle these same global issues, often in ways other than building. ARCHHIVE merges the wealth of Bee Breeders’ novel architectural design proposals, with complementary ideas in entrepreneurship, policy, and technology.

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issue 1 // OCTOBER 2018

what is affordable housing?

Community co-living facilities. 3D-printed homes. Shared home-ownership contracts. Government-subsidized apartments. Prefabricated homes. Tax credits. Transit-oriented development. Programs for funding mortgages. Stackable modular homes. Inclusionary zoning ordinances. Intergenerational house-share programs. Softwares for tracking affordable properties. Online marketplaces for cheap student homes.

There is no one solution to making housing affordable. Today, a host of new ideas and platforms are enabling people to own or purchase homes. ARCHHIVE Issue No 1: What is Affordable Housing connects architects, startups, investors, entrepreneurs, and both for- and non-profit organizations that are engaging in the global affordable housing crisis by inventing new means for driving down housing prices.

in this issue: and much more